Ice-Skating in Shimla India-Adventure Sports

Shimla has the only natural ice-skating ring in India. The ice-skating rink of Shimla is located at Dalhousie. The skating club of Shimla has successfully completed its sixty years. An Ice-skating Carnival is arranged every year by the Ice-skating Club.

Ice-skating carnival of Shimla is a gala time for the Shimla people. This carnival starts off in the month of early December and continues till February. Two sessions are arranged everyday with one in the morning and another in the evening.

The Shimla ice-skating rink is the only Asian natural ice-skating rink. There is a hanging balloon at the Municipal building that works as a signal of whether the skating will take place on that day or not. The clear sky and cold climate accompanied by hard and dry ice makes Shimla ice-skating carnival a success every year.
A large number of enthusiastic skaters take an active part in the Shimla ice-skating carnival. Large number of foreigners participates in the carnival. Infact they carry their skating shoes with themselves.


During the ice-skating carnival of Shimla, fancy dress competition, ice hockey and dance performances make the town of Shimla very lively and colorful. Shimla ice-skating carnival is a favorite event for the sports freaks. During the sessions the place gets crowded with tourists and visitors from various corners of the country.

 The ice-skating carnival is celebrated in Shimla with extreme pomp and grandeur


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2 Responses to “Ice-Skating in Shimla India-Adventure Sports”

  1. Famous places in India by Dr. sandeep

    I love this queen of hill stations as it soothes ones mind and soul. I also adore the view of mountains this place offers.Ridge and a climb upto Jahoo hill are my favourites here.

  2. abhishattitude

    Hey nice post buddy!!Really excited to see the place.
    Somebody once said, ‘Life is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page’. When I first read this quote, I didn’t feel the depth of it since I was not a traveler then. But now, traveling has become an addiction. I have been a fitness freak for quite some time now. Combining the two passions of my life – fitness and traveling – what clicks is adventure-sports.
    I have been passionate about wildlife ,trekking ,paragliding,climbing and other outdoors.
    I have always liked getting in touch with people who share common interests.I have recently started my blog on adventure sports in india.You can put your views there and also share your experiences and new places with me.

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