How Shivratri Fair Is celebrated In Mandi, Himachal

Shivratri is celebrated all over the country, but it has assumed special significance for Mandi, once the capital town of a princely state. Week-long celebrations are held here amidst colorful festivities. Shivratri used to be grand royal celebration marked with religious fervor and gaiety.Over 200 hill Gods and Goddesses are likely to converge on the ancient town of temples on the eve of eight-day International Shivratri Fair being held here from March 6th to 13th this Year. How Shivratri Fair Starts:A Shoba Yatra marks the beginning of the fair, in which the images of gods and goddess are carried in palanquins. The devotees first visit the Raj Madhav temple, which is the shrine of the main god of the area, and then visit Bhootnath temple to worship Lord Shiva, during the fair.  The Shoba Yatra terminates at Padal ground, the venue of the fairs. Main Attractions:The Shivratri exhibition at Paddal is a major center of attraction. Sports events organized during the fairs also draw large crowds. Artists of national and international repute regale the audience during the evening cultural performances. The festival ends after performing Jagran, the nightlong puja. Predictions of the events of the coming year are made by astrologers during the occasion.  Sight Seeing Places in Mandi:Mandi has around 300 temples, with 81 stone temples known for their intricate carvings. The famous Gurudwara Gobind Singh, the Sunken Garden, also known as the Ghantaghar is another place you can explore. Excursions:Rewalsar Lake, 25 kms away, and known for its floating reed islands. Also located at Rewalsar is a Buddhist Monastery, three shrines, a gurudwara and a temple.Visit the temple styled like a pagoda and three storeys high at Prashar, 40kms from Mandi.  Sunder Nagar is a beautiful valley located at a height of 1,174 mts (26 kms from Mandi) and is known for its temples, especially Sukhdev Vatika and Mahamaya.


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