Posted On May 21, 2007


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Pilgrimage remains an evergreen form of travel in
India. For thousands of years, the spiritual minded have embarked on a journey of lifetime to become closer to God. Pilgrimage vacation destinations were established in far-flung areas, away from the hustle and bustle of human life, and in the serene environment created by nature. Himachalhotels.in offers pilgrimage vacation packages in the DEVBHOOMI [

Land of
Gods] – Himachal Pradesh.The prominent temples that the Kangra valley, in Himachal Pradesh, is famous for are Jwalamukhi, Brajeshwariji, Chintpurni and Naina Devi. Manimahesh (4170 m) an important place of pilgrimage, 34 km away, is awe inspiring in its stark grandeur, with the towering, solitary peak of the Manimahesh Kailash (5656 m) mirrored in the still waters of a little lake.Ma Bhagwati Tara Devi” temple is located on Tarav Parvat in the western side of

Town. The road meandering uphill through the sweet smelling pine forests and lush green meadows with the cool gentle breeze touching one softly infusing a freshness and vigor in the devotees, pilgrims and tourists visiting this holy shrine.Well this is just a gist of Himachal temples portrayed, if interested to book a pilgrimage tour, feel free to contact us at marketing@himachalhotels.in Kindly go through the following url to book this special PILGRIMAGE Vacation Package…http://www.himachalhotels.in/pilgrimage_Tourism/pilgrimage_tourism.htm