Satluj River Rafting in Himachal! A Thrilling Experience

If your perfect holidays involve more than just sight seeing and strolling, then Himachal is a perfect place for you. This statement comes from my white water rafting experience in the beautiful and picturesque northern state of India.


Last year during my summer vacations I was planning to go to Shimla with my friends. We were looking for something different (as we had visited Shimla before). I did a google search and found out some great adventure activities like white water rafting in Himachal. Since I didn’t know how to go about it so I searched and booked a white water rafting package through internet.


Here is a link in case you plan to go for it:


I reached hotel in Naldera. My trip included picnic lunch by the river side with the camping chairs, evening bonfire by the beach and tea party. But the most exciting part was the white river rafting in Satluj River. Believe me, white water rafting is one of the most thrilling activities and you can only understand this when you experience it yourself.  Just imagine you’re heading towards the rocks with water flooding over the sides of the boat, everyone is hanging on as tight as they can. You are confronted with a wall of white water… Will you make it through?


The experience was thrilling as well as a bit scary in the beginning. A team of experts joined us while we paddled through the waves. Breathtaking landscapes, water splashing on our faces and fresh air, making it one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.


To top it all, natural hot springs at Tattapani makes it very special, because you finish at the natural hot pools where you may heal and heat your body. What a finish! Wow. Whenever I plan to go for a vacation, Himachal Pradesh never seems to disappoint me. Everytime it has something different and new to offer which stays forever in my memories.



Himachal Pradesh has emerged as one of the most progressive Himalayan States in the country. The mighty Himalayan range passes through the complete State of Himachal Pradesh and thus it offers the most scenic view comprising of lofty snow covered mountains, glaciers, mountain streams, green open valleys with kilometers long pasture slopes, thick coniferous forests and pollution free climate round the year.Millions of people from all over the country and abroad visit Himachal Pradesh every year.The Chanshil Pass is 13548 ft above sea level and one can have a beautiful glimpse of Rohru valley and mountain range of Uttaranchal Himalaya. Moving through the beautifull Pabbar Valley one can experience Mountaineering and Camping in the Chanshil Valley.Along with that you can do other activities also like as : Trekking and Hiking, River fording and Trout fishing, Adventure Camping, Rock climbing and rappelling, Jungle trail and Brush craft, Outdoor Team building etc.Well this is just a gist of Adventurous Chanshil Valley

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