Tour to Hill Station Shimla in Summer Festival

The best reason to visit Shimla during summers has to be the famous Summer Festival that is held every year in the month of May. This famous festival is a riot of colors and festivity and is celebrated on a grand scale. The Summer Festival in Simla is a beautiful amalgamation of various talented people of India who make it an event that is remembered for a long time to come.


We visited Shimla last year in the month of May at the time Summer Festival, there was a great rush of tourists, all hotels were packed but nothing to worry as we had already made booking through They served me everything at hand and I must tell you,we enjoyed a lot.


The Shimla summer festival is organized at the Ridge Shimla.Major attractions of the festival includes Star Nights, Himachal Food Fest, Painting competitions, Roller skating completion, Fashion Shows, Flower Shows etc. Red Cross Fair, adventurous sports and various Handicraft exhibitions provide the people with a whole lot of excitement to enjoy the summer vacations.


I must tell you, we enjoyed a lot and I am planning to visit Shimla again in summer festival


Hey!!! It’s Summer Vacations Planning Time

In my head I hear a humming
Summer, summer, summer’s coming

As we approach to May, every body start’s thinking about Summer Vacations..

When I think about summer vacations so many things pop up in front of my eyes!!!!!


Holidays!! Masti!! leisure!! scenic beauty!!! Shopping….etc..etc..ohhhh!!! It mesmerizes me.This year according to the news’s summer has been hot, hot,hot!!! Oh My….!


Well If you are planning to go out then don’t take just don’t worry..If you are looking for a destination, always choose cool places, definitely Hill Stations are a Heaven.

Last time when I was planning for my summer vacation, It Was almost a panic with the thought of, “Where should I go??? How will I manage there???? ……etc etc. 

Finally I decided to go Shimla and Manali.I started searching information on the internet about Shimla and Manali but that was tiring ….

Finally!!!!  I came across a web site which provided travel services such as hotel reservations, weekend packages etc..

I forgot the name of the site…Umm…..Name was Himachal something… Ya that is

Thanks to those people they planed my whole trip and catered to all my needs under one roof…. My family and I had a great time in this trip, we had awesome memories to last a life time.So Friends ,what’s  your plan this Summer !!!!!!!!!!!